Once the agave begins to maturate the quiote is removed, which is in the central part of the maguey in order to concentrate the sugars in the pineapple. After a while it is stripped of all its leaves and removed from the ground.


In advance the stone oven is prepared for the cooking of maguey pineapples. This oven is a conical hole that is made in the earth, where wood is first put, with it the fire is ignited, once having the proper temperature the stones of river are placed, adequately covered of bagasse or leaves and all the maguey pineapples are placed, these are covered with special leaves called jarilla, with stones and earth to store the heat, cooking the maguey pineapples lasts between 3 and 5 days approximately.


The cooked agave is cut and crushed manually for the extraction and separation of fiber and sugars.


Once the grinding is finished all the raw materials are placed in the fermentation tanks where potable water is added, it is mixed and the fermentation begins, which takes between 7 and 10 days. Note: Tubs used may be stone, wood or leather buckets.


At this stage Mezcal Dos Coyotes is obtained through distillation in earthern pots. In this process, the musts are heated to bring the different alcohols and volatile compounds to their boiling point and thus convert them into steam; which ascend to the top of the head of the pot where they collide with a copper pot, which has function of condense the vapors to become the ordinary mezcal.


In this stage, a second distillation is carried out in the same way in earthern pots, in order to improve the quality of the mezcal, giving it a better aroma and flavor, and adjusting to the alcoholic graduation required by our customer.


It is a 100% handmade packaging line, both in filling and labeling which makes each bottle unique and different.