Producing Mezcals 100% agave and liqueurs complying with the norms, laws and obligations to boost the economy and welfare of the community while respecting and preserving Oaxacan traditions.


To be a company recognized nationally to reach international markets, considering the import regulations for each country.


Born from the tradition of the elaboration of mezcal in the Mixteca, Productos y Derivados de Agave»La Asunción» is a company dedicated to produce Mezcal 100% agave and natural fruits Liquors of the region in an artisan way. Performing the distillation in earthern pot using the best raw materials and respecting the tradition of the palenques. Creating a company with strong oaxacan roots that day by day reinforces the work and the dedication with each one of its collaborators.


Dos Coyotes brand started with a dream of two partners in 2015, seeing the need that despite Oaxaca is the most recognized state in Mezcal production, there are communities that have stopped producing it because of the lack of support.

One of our main goals is to be able reactivate the economy of these towns, mainly those of the mountain range of the mixteca.

The project was growing up and has been cultivated with patience, dedication, devotion, quality and above all with love to our roots and traditions.

In 2016 begins harvest and give its first fruits this great work. In each product the tradition is preserved in its process, creating an avant-garde image and merging the past with our present, following the tradition of a lifetime of our master mezcaleros.